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At Pride & Joy Day Care and After School, we're devoted to offering each child and family that comes through our doors an incredible, fun, and educational experience. We offer programs that appeal to children of all ages, combined with a safe and friendly experience where your child can socialize, learn and grow. Whether it's for a one-time stay or regularly after school, there is no better educational day care in Charlotte than Pride & Joy!
Charlotte Infant Care

Infant Care

When you have to trust someone with taking care of your infant, you can count on the services of our Charlotte care providers. Our gentle care providers are trained and equipped with everything that they need to capably handle the needs of every baby. Beyond just looking after a new child, we seek to aid them in developing critical motor skills and communication, all while having fun. We invite you to take a tour of our facility and see for yourself what we do.

Charlotte Toddler Care

Toddler Care

Every parent of a toddler knows that children between the ages of one and two are infinitely curious about the world around them--a world they are only beginning to discover. Our toddler care program is designed to encourage discovery and excitement, with the guidance of our teachers and care providers to assist them. Activities include song and dance, story time, group play, practicing vocabulary, puzzles, and much more!

Charlotte Preschool


Preschool is just what your little one needs to prepare them for kindergarten! Our preschool program will teach your child all the necessary skills they need to advance with confidence, including physical skills, teamwork, beginning math and reading, safety skills, and communication. When you're looking for a preschool in Charlotte, know that there is no better place than Pride & Joy Day Care and After School that understands how to prepare your child for life.

Charlotte Educational Child Care

Educational Child Care

Never settle for child care that does not nurture your child's natural inclination to learn and grow! Pride & Joy Day Care and After School sets itself apart from other child care centers in Charlotte by offering a structured curriculum that perfectly pairs with your child's progress in school. Our caregivers guide their students through lessons in science, math, language, creative arts, and more. We impart the skills and knowledge your child needs to thrive in school, and later in life.

Charlotte Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Spread the word: Pride & Joy Day Care and After School has the best summer camp in Charlotte! We fill each day with all kinds of educational and fun activities, like sports, singing, crafts, and so much more! Beyond all the play and games, we also strive for every camper to have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and a sense of community involvement. When school starts up in the fall, they will be prepared in the classroom and filled with so many amazing stories to tell their friends!

Charlotte Snacks


We all know how antsy kids get when they are hungry. Our care providers schedule time during each day to provide our young guests with healthy snacks to give them the energy and focus to make the most of their time with us. Does your child have a special diet restriction? No problem! Let one of our caregivers know, and they will be sure to accommodate.

Charlotte Meals Provided

Meals Provided

At Pride & Joy Day Care and After School, we not only teach our young guests about nutrition and how to eat healthy, but we offer them healthy meals at scheduled times of the day as well. A meal of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and whole grains will help your child to feel full and energetic to tackle the rest of a fun-filled day. Most of all, you can be confident that your child is eating a balanced diet, not junk food and sweets all day long.

Charlotte Science Activities

Science Activities

What makes science so cool? It's all about discovery and learning more about our world and how it works. Kids at Pride & Joy Day Care and After School are encouraged to participate in various different science activities. From time outside to observe nature in person, to learning about space, we ensure that each child has the information and resources they need to pursue any scientific interest they hold.

Charlotte Raising A Reader

Raising A Reader

We believe and affirm every day that when the whole family is involved in a child's education, he or she will benefit from it academically for a lifetime. That's why Pride & Joy Day Care and After School is proud to feature the nationally recognized Raising A Reader program. Designed to help families develop, practice, and maintain a regular reading program, we prove that reading together is a great way to improve the bonds of family and set children up with the literary tools for a lifetime of success.

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